Fashion and trends ARE IN CONSTANT MOVEMENT. it is a phenomenon that is constantly metamorphosed, in search of the current flow. On the opposite side the sense of a style is something that is permanent, it is capable of overcoming epochs, generations and marks important aspects of the history of our civilization. style is an eternal celebration of beauty.

Maykel G. Cuéllar


Cuéllar Classic Collection - Style and originality

THE STYLE: It is one of the main ideas of Cuéllar Design when it comes to creating jewelry. For us, it is very important that the pieces acquired by our customers today will continue to be relevant and maintain their significance in the future. With this purpose we have created our own way of approaching the goldsmith art. We consider that luxury jewelry, striking for its size and extravagance, can always fulfill its main mission. Especially to provide its owner with the possibility of emphasizing his social status. attracting glances to their surroundings by the dazzle of beauty.

ORIGINALITY: Throughout history, jewelry has been the evaluation of the hierarchy, objects and wealth symbol, as well as a form of capital investment. In our modern age the jewels continue to fulfill these objectives, which is why they have continued to be a coveted product. The development of technology brought as a consequence the appearance of a large abundance of jewelry in the market. This phenomenon has placed a dilemma of choice in front of all the consumers, and this is where the originality of Cuéllar Design's product comes into play. We shape our originality based on our own style of design, creating jewels of considerable size, with gems of incredible beauty and color and whats most important a high quality of goldsmith work. Peculiar classic elements are always present in each of our jewels for over 10 years. We notice a continuous demand of our Clásica Cuéllar line which allows us to conclude that with the acceptance of our product, step by step we are creating a classic and original style of our brand.