La influencia del arte tiene el poder de trascender el tiempo y las generaciones. LLegando a tocar el corazón y los centimientos y logrando despertar la inspiración de nuevos artistas, en un determinado momento de una época del futuro. 

Maykel G. Cuéllar


        Prestige Collection - Based on Art Nouveau Style


ART NOUVEAU: is an inovative artistic movement developed between yhe XIX and XX centuries. it is called the end of the Belle Epoque.

Nature is the main source of inspiration for the artists of art nouveau artists. It revitalized the jewelry industry with in modernist tendencies. In the two previous centuries the emphasis of the fine jewelry was focused on the gems, on the diamond in particular as the center of any composition so the masters main concern was to provide a suitable frame to enhance the gem.


Art Nouveau detached itself from symbolism as a result of the authenticity of the time.

It is actually the first movement that comes almost entirely avoids imitation of previous styles such as Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism and etc. New techniques also come into life to serve the needs of new identity on the border of the centuries.

The jewelers were eager to establish this new style as a destinguished tradition and to do so they sought inspiration in the rebirth of their enameled and sculpted gold jewelry. They converted the jeweler status from an artisian to an artist. The center of their style becomes expressions of nature such as flowers, leaves, twisted stems, insects and others.


with the emergence and development of new industrial technologies during the first half of the XX century the Art Nouveau style was gradually forgotten and the mass production jewelry begins to popularize quickly. 


Maykel G. Cuéllar has taken up the most relevant Art Nouveau expressions and created his own style giving it a new life. Taking it to a new level of contemporary European jewelry Cuellar's creations are made in a single copy due to the complexity of the artisitc idea manifested in one of a kind masterpice.